There will be a 9-day suspension of ASM 3.


ASM 3 will be suspended from 22 Sept to 30 Sept.

Notice! From September 22 to September 30, ASM 3 will be suspended.

The Third Malaysian Trust Fund (ASM 3) will be closed on September 10, 2022, and will be suspended from September 22 to September 30, 2022, according to information provided by the National Trust Fund (ASNB). On the first day of the month, trading will start up again.

Amanah Saham Malaysia 3, also known as Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS1M), is the full name of ASM 3. One of the trust funds that is also available to Chinese investors is ASM 3, with a set price per unit of RM1.

At the end of September, ASM 3 will issue its most recent dividend, which is typically anticipated to pay 3.75 sen per unit. The stock market is where ASM 3’s capital is mostly invested. The dividend payout of ASM 3 is not hopeful because the Malaysian stock market did not perform well last year.

ASM 2 Wawasan, which was newly introduced at the end of August, distributed only 3.75 sen as well, which also caused ASNB to lose its reputation for having high interest rates. Investors sought other ways to locate investment platforms with larger dividends after becoming extremely dissatisfied.The dividend for ASM 3 has been declining steadily in recent years. It paid 6.70 sen per unit in 2013, but only 4 sen per unit in 2020 and 2021. This year, it is typically anticipated that there will only be 3.75 cents allocated every unit.

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