Honda announced a recall of 2 vehicles!


According to Honda Malaysia, 702 Honda vehicles will be recalled. The vehicles involved include the 2021 City Hybrid and the 2022 Civic.

A total of 630 of the affected 2021 City Hybrid models will require replacement of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) cameras located in the front windscreen. These lenses may not work properly, resulting in the ADAS being in a non-functional state.

There are 72 recalled 2022 Civic models, which need to have the weld points on the driver’s seat slide adjuster corrected. The welded joints may now result in the driver’s seat not being secured in place, compromising the safety of the driver.

Honda of Malaysia said it will get through to the owners concerned as soon as possible and urged them to contact their nearest authorised Honda dealer upon notification to arrange for the cars to be returned to the factory for servicing.

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