Honda has announced a recall for two models!


Honda has issued a product recall for these models!

Two vehicles will be recalled by Honda Malaysia for safety issues!

702 Honda automobiles would have to be recalled to the factory for repair, according to a statement from Honda Malaysia. The 2022 Civic and 2021 City Hybrid are among the involved vehicles.

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) camera, which is positioned in the front windshield of 630 2021 City Hybrid cars, needs to be replaced. These lenses might not function properly, rendering ADAS inoperable.

In order to fix the welds in the driver’s seat slide adjuster, 72 2022 Civics are being recalled. The driver’s safety may be jeopardised if the driver’s seat cannot be properly fastened due to the current welding spots.

Honda Malaysia promised to get in touch with the appropriate automobile owners as soon as possible and urged them to get in touch with their local Honda approved dealers as soon as they were informed to make arrangements for the vehicle to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. Honda Malaysia will cover the costs of the necessary parts and labour.

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