Steer clear of these actions at work if you don’t want to annoy your fellow workers!


During the holidays, many people take advantage of their employer’s remote working policy to prolong their stay while working remotely and escape the annoyances of working for a company. One of these annoyances are your coworkers’ many, sometimes annoying eccentricities. In an effort to make us better colleagues by preventing us from making the same mistakes in the future, a recent British poll classified and categorised them.

The Guardian discovered that 3,500 people took part in the poll, which was carried out by digital printing business Digital ID. It was shown that there is a wide range of highly specific behaviours that irritate people in open workplaces.

Many of the respondents find it annoying when their coworkers inquire in-depth about their exercise regimen. One specific grievance that was raised was their coworkers telling them that they had taken up swimming in frigid water.

Wim Hof, a Dutch cryotherapy enthusiast known as “The Iceman,” popularised the procedure. Extensive research, including studies on Wim Hof, indicates that exposure to extreme cold may be good for your health, particularly after working out. These findings, however, don’t suggest that discussing this tendency with coworkers would inevitably make them uncomfortable.

Respondents found it even more intolerable when their coworkers “vape” in an open workspace or record TikTok videos during business hours. These two workplace behaviours are the most bothersome, according to the Digital ID poll.

Communication is key

However, how can you let your coworker know that their e-cigarette habit is making you uncomfortable in between emails? Or that the thought of perhaps participating in the dance competition that your rhythmically inclined coworker enjoys filming next to the coffee maker makes you uneasy? The trick is to communicate. Often, all it takes to encourage your colleague to change their behaviour is to pull them aside and explain that their tiny quirks are interfering with your focus and well-being at work.

Remember that those who engage in these behaviours may not even be aware that they are upsetting other people. Therefore, it’s advisable to address these situations gently. Never undervalue the amount of workplace annoyances that can be settled with a quick talk.

There are always backup plans available if your coworker is obstinate about carrying on their bothersome behaviour, even after a brief conversation. When the company’s fitness enthusiast starts preaching about the advantages of taking a cold water plunge, you can always claim an essential call or meeting as justification to get out of the room. Consider taking a little break outside when you witness a youthful coworker using their smartphone to record a TikTok. It is probable that after you’ve inhaled deeply of fresh air, this habit may appear less intolerable.

Vaping is prohibited in several areas for indoor workplaces. Speak with a supervisor if your attempts to persuade them to stop smoking in public areas fail; they most likely have an answer. Harmony in work is largely dependent on good working circumstances.

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