Nestle’s 22 products will increase in price starting July 1.


Nestle will increase the prices of 22 of its products from July 1 onwards.

Nestle has formally announced that it will increase the Invoice Price of 22 products from July 1, 2024, according to the Malaysian Grocers’ Association (MGA) president, Mr. Fong Chee Min, as quoted by Sin Chew Daily.

The 22 products affected include Milo, Nescafe, Maggi bottled ketchup, and the following are the Invoice Price (wholesale price).

1. NESCAFE ALEGRIA Delicate Pouch (12 x 250g) RM679.80

2. NESCAFE Aromatico (12 x 0.5kg) RM674.40

3. NESCAFE CLASSIC Refill Pack (12 x 500g) RM578.40

4. NESCAFE High Roast (12 x 250g) RM352.80

5. NESCAFE Tongkat Ali 16x1kg N1 (16 x 1kg) RM510.40

6. NESCAFE White Coffee 16x1kg N1 (16 x 1kg) RM484.00

7. MILO ACTIV-GO 3in1 Org (6 x 40 x 33g) RM185.40

8. MILO ACTIV-GO Hot Mix (10 x 960g) RM332.00

9. MILO ACTIV-GO MP (2 x 150 x 15g) RM117.00

10. MILO ACTIV-GO Softpac (6 x 3.2kg) RM405.90

11. MILO Liquid Concentrate (12 x 1L) RM221.40

12. MILO Liquid Concentrate BIB (2 x 5L) RM208.10

13. NESTLE Complete Mix Hot Choc (12 x 750g) RM378.00

14. NESTLE NPro Lemonade Exp (12 x 200g) RM138.00

15. NESTLE PinkLychee Lemonade Exp (12 x 200g) RM138.00

16. NESCAFE 2In1 (16 x 900g) RM393.60

17. NESCAFE CLASSIC Sachet (90 x 20g) RM158.40

18. NESCAFE CLASSIC Stickpack (2 x 480 x 2g) RM233.60

19. NESCAFE DECAF Sticks (280 x 1.7g) RM151.20

20. NESCAFE GOLD Sticks (300 x 2g) RM156.00

21. MAGGI Tomato Ketchup (6 x 3.3kg) RM166.50

22. MAGGI Tomato Ketchup (12 x 1.5kg) RM114.00

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