KFC offers discounts of up to 50% on set menus!


Still worrying about what to have for lunch and dinner, KFC is offering up to 50 percent off on set menu discounts.

KFC is offering 3 discounts on Nasi Ayam Box, Colonel Variety Set and 9-pc Cheezy Bucket, all of which can only be ordered through the KFC APP.

The Nasi Ayam Box was originally priced at RM21.98, but now it’s only RM11.25, which means you can have a full meal for RM11.25. This set includes 1 piece of fried chicken, 6 pieces of Nuggets and 1 portion of fried rice.

Colonel Variety Set was priced at RM46.48, now it is only RM30.99. This set contains 4 pieces of Fried Chicken, 1 Colonel Classic Burger and 1 Loaded Potato Bowl.

The 9-pc Cheezy Bucket was originally priced at RM72.47 and is now only RM53.49. This set includes 9 pieces of fried chicken, 1 Loaded Cheezy Fries and 1 Loaded Potato Bowl.

This offer is only applicable after 10am and a maximum of 3 packages per person can be purchased. Prices for takeaway and pickup will vary and will differ by about RM1.00.

KFC is also offering a 45% off takeaway offer. To utilize the 45% off coupon, you must spend RM30 or more and then you will be entitled to 45% off or up to RM14 off. Remember to use the coupon when placing your order in order to enjoy the 45% discount.

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