Our country will begin the monsoon alternation season on October 3 according to the Meteorological Department, and there will be heavy rains in the afternoon and evening.


There will be heavy rains in the afternoon and evening as the monsoon alternation season is approaching.

Starting on October 3, Malaysia will experience alternating monsoon conditions, which include strong storms in the afternoon and evening and even flash floods.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department announced that starting on October 3, Malaysia will experience monsoon alternation. Weak winds will blow from all directions throughout the monsoon alternation period in our nation, and thunderstorms will form, bringing fast-moving heavy rain and high winds.

On the west coast and inland regions of Peninsular Malaysia, the coast of Sabah, and central Sarawak, particularly in the afternoon and evening, severe storms and thunderstorms are anticipated.

During the monsoon cycle, heavy downpours, thunderstorm winds, lightning, thunder, and water tornadoes also happen. Strong storms and thunderstorms can also result in landslides, house damage, tree fall, flooding from lightning, and other problems.

During thunderstorms, people are advised to keep away from open places, avoid hiding beneath trees or parking their automobiles there, remain clear of unstable structures or objects, avoid locations that are prone to flooding, and avoid from touching anything that is conductive.

Every year, the monsoons alternate between April and mid-May and end-September to early-november. Every year, the southwest monsoon season lasts from May to September, and the northeast monsoon season lasts from November to April.

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