It can be transferred straight from the bank to the BigPay e-wallet, without binding bank cards and therefore the risk of exposing personal data is reduced.


You can now transfer money directly from the bank to the BigPay e-wallet.

BigPay features the DuitNow feature; to top up BigPay, simply transfer money from your bank account.

Capital A owns the e-wallet platform BigPay, which facilitates QR code payments not only in Malaysian retailers but also in online and physical stores worldwide.

To reduce the risk of carrying a lot of cash, it is advised to travel with a BigPay card so you may use it to make purchases at foreign shops. The exchange rate offered by BigPay is also pretty attractive.

It is advised that you do not link your bank card to BigPay or any other electronic wallet due to the frequent instances of electronic wallet theft on the Internet. When you need to use your e-wallet, you can recharge it. BigPay supports DuitNow transfer and collection.

You can open your BigPay APP, discover your DuitNow ID there, copy it, then open your bank’s APP, go to the transfer menu, and select to send money using DuitNow. After that, paste the DuitNow ID you previously copied to finish the transfer process.

Make sure the receiver is in your name when you confirm the transfer. You can access the funds in BigPay right away after the transfer is finished.

If you don’t already use BigPay, you can search for and download it from several app stores. When enrolling, don’t forget to type ULP7DKKH4P” or “730XJAZ33 in the Referral Code field to receive a complimentary RM10.

Receive funds with BigPay via DuitNow.

Step 1: Open the BigPay APP.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

Step 3: Click the Copy button on DuitNow Account Number.

Step 4: Open the bank APP and enter the transfer function.

Step 5: Select DuitNow Transfer, then paste the copied DuitNow account number.

Step 6: Check to see if the recipient is in your name.

Step 7: Confirm the transfer and complete the transfer procedure.

Step 8: Open BigPay to see if the money is received.

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