UiTM fires a lecturer who has been accused of sexual harassment.


Lecturer accused of sexual harassment loses his job at UiTM

A lecturer who was accused of sexually harassing a former student has had his or her employment at University of Technology MARA (UiTM) terminated with immediate effect.

The claims of sexual harassment against the lecturer were taken seriously by UiTM, and an investigation was carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures outlined in the Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 2000 [Act 605].

Staff members who break the rules, codes of behaviour, and restrictions outlined in Act 605 and UiTM regulations may face disciplinary action under the act. Based on all the information gathered, the UiTM Integrity Unit began a thorough investigation last year.

UiTM has taken action to promptly terminate the service of the lecturer who was accused of sexually harassing the former student after the questioning and internal investigation processes were finished and discussed by the Disciplinary Committee.

The university will not back down and will take harsh measures against anyone who disobeys a command or acts in any way that could be fairly regarded as disobeying a command.

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