McD has lowered the package price again!


McD has lowered the package price again! Third time in two weeks.

According to news from McDonald’s Malaysia, the Double Cheeseburger set originally priced at RM14.50 is now only RM11.95, while the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe set originally priced at RM16.95 is only RM13.95.

McDonald’s has previously lowered the price of 5 pieces of fried chicken. The original price was RM32, but now it only costs RM25, which means that a fried chicken only costs RM5 on average.

As for the fried chicken set meal originally priced at RM17.00, it is now only RM13.95. The nasi lemak set meal originally priced at RM14.95 is now only RM10.95.

It can be seen that the boycott of McDonald’s by the Malaysian people has severely affected McDonald’s sales, so much so that McDonald’s has frequently lowered the price of its meals to save sales.

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