Currently, there are only 3 Malaysian banks and e-wallets that support cross-border transfers by entering the mobile phone number of the Singaporean payee.


Currently, only 3 Malaysian banks and e-wallet platforms support cross-border transfers using mobile phone numbers.

According to the information on DuitNow’s official website, currently CIMB Bank, Maybank and Touch ‘n Go eWallet in Malaysia can input the mobile phone numbers of Singaporeans and transfer funds to Singapore bank accounts through DuitNow.

In Singapore, there are 4 banks that support cross-border transfers via mobile phone numbers to bank accounts in Malaysia. These 4 banks are Liquid Group, Maybank, OCBC and UOB.

This service, which involves entering the Singaporean recipient’s mobile phone number for cross-border transfers, can currently only transfer up to RM3,000 or S$1,000.

The method of using a mobile phone number for cross-border transfer is very simple, that is, open the bank’s transfer function, then select a Singapore mobile phone number to receive money, and then follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

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