Digi Prepaid customers have access to the 5G network now!


Designated Digi Prepaid subscribers have access to the 5G network now!

According to Digi, designated Digi Prepaid subscribers will be able to use the 5G service for free from March 16 to April 30, 2023. This service originally required a monthly payment of RM10.

Currently, Digi is only offering free access to the 5G service to those who subscribe to the Monthly Prepaid NEXT Plans, while other Prepaid subscribers are still unable to access the 5G service for free.

If you have already subscribed to a Monthly Prepaid NEXT Plan such as NEXT 15, NEXT20, NEXT35, NEXT30, NEXT Unlimited 40, or RDY 50GB, you can receive 5G Booster for free to use the 5G network service.

You can open MyDigi APP, then select BUY Add-Ons and choose 5G Booster, and then you can get 5G Booster for free.

Of course, to use the 5G network service, your phone must support 5G and you must be in the 5G network coverage area.

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