Asia’s first “Harry Potter” theme park opens in Japan on June 16


A survey by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (Ministry) found that each person in Japan spent more than 10,000 yen (RM339.24) at theme parks and amusement parks last year. During the New Crown Pneumonia epidemic, the income from these kinds of entertainment venues dropped to 1/3 of what it was before the epidemic. However, it has now risen to nearly 80% of what it was before.

The Hong Kong Economic Times reported on Thursday that as the birth rate goes down, amusement park companies are shifting their focus from children to adults, who are more likely to spend money. “Harry Potter” is one of the most popular movies for kids and adults. It’s not a big name in the movie business, but there are a lot of Harry Potter-themed products on the market.

Warner Bros. Japan Studio said that “Warner Bros. Studio Tour – Tokyo,” the world’s second “Harry Potter”-themed theme park and Asia’s first, will open in June of this year in Tokyo, Japan. Wednesday, Warner Bros. let the public know that the media could go to the park. Admission prices range from 3,800 to 5,200 yen based on age (RM128.91 to RM176.40).

Warner Bros. Japan studio deputy chief executive Toshihiro Matsuo said the company wants to open a theme park with many colors worldwide. He said he was looking forward to the park and was glad foreign tourists have kept coming to Japan since the Tokyo Olympics.

Since it opened in 2012, more than 17 million people worldwide have gone to the Harry Potter theme park, which is currently in London, England. Warner Bros. hopes that Harry Potter fans worldwide will visit the theme park in Tokyo.

Unlike the theme park in London, Tokyo park’s “Platform 9 and 3/4,” which Harry Potter fans will recognize, will show how each character got on the magical train to Hogwarts.

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