4.50 sen will be given out, according to ASM.


Breaking news! ASM’s most recent dividend is 4.50 sen.

The most recent dividend paid by ASM Malaysia is 4.50 cents per unit, according to a National Investment Corporation (PNB) National Mutual Berhad (ASNB) release. Each unit of the Second Aboriginal Trust Fund (ASB 2) is worth 5 sen.

A total of 575,351 unitholders who held a combined total of 22.74 billion units received a dividend payout from ASM of RM1.02 billion. ASM had a net profit of RM784.83 million as of March 28, 2023. 

When compared to the 12-month fixed deposit, the ASM’s payout rate is 4.50% p.a., while the 12-month fixed deposit’s interest rate is 2.52% p.a. The ASM has a yield of 1.98% p.a. more than the fixed deposit, which is significant.

In comparison to the same period last year, ASM’s unitholders increased from 567,904 to 575,351, while the company’s outstanding shares increased from 22.09 billion to 22.74 billion, and its net profit fell from 1.03 billion ringgits to 700 million ringgits, or RM84.83 million.

ASM has paid out a lot given that, according to the books, it had a net profit of RM784.83 million yet distributed a dividend of RM1.02 billion.

In terms of ASB 2, RM620 million in dividends have been paid out thus far this year, and 12.42 billion units are held by 513,244 unit holders. This year, ASB 2 has a net profit of RM536.09 million. As a result, ASB 2 continues to distribute more dividends than net income.

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