Proton X90 debut! X90 has divided into 4 grades of six or seven-seaters! The Malaysian price and internal details are exposed!


Proton announced earlier that it had completed the production of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in Malaysia. According to a report from the automotive information website “Paul Tan”, Proton officially released the brand new 2023 Proton X90 in my country earlier. The local price is expected to start from RM123,000! However, what everyone is most concerned about is that the launch date and price are still being kept secret, and even the date of opening the reservation for new cars has yet to be announced.

It is reported that the new Proton X90 released by Proton is based on the Geely Haoyue, a mid-to-high-end SUV in the Geely family. According to the source from the original factory, the X90 will be divided into four grades: StandardExecutivePremium and Flagship, and all models are equipped with the same set of power configurations, that is, a 48V electric motor paired with a 1.5L turbo engine with hybrid, called initially MHEV) system.

The Proton X90 is equipped with a 1.5T Turbo turbo engine and matched with a 48V Hybrid hybrid system with a horsepower of 190PS and a torque of 300Nm. In addition, after adding the 48V micro oil-electric system, its fuel consumption performance is improved by 15% compared with the 1.5L TGDi engine without the 48V system.

In addition, the X90 will also come standard with a set of brand-new 12.3-inch touch-screen hosts. This new host is said to have high-definition (HD) resolution, 6GB of memory (RAM) and 64GB of storage space (ROM). It is also equipped with the latest ATLAS OS and supports the Hi Proton voice control system, but it still does not support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition, the X90 will also be equipped with a brand new digital instrument panel, interior atmosphere lights, 7 sets of USB charging sockets for the whole car, a Qi wireless charging panel for mobile phones, air-conditioning and ventilation functions for the front seats, and a 360-degree panoramic view camera system, and a more advanced automatic parking system than the X50. The new automated parking assist system is said to be controlled by a computer when the driver fully releases the steering wheel and gas/brake pedal.

As for the safety equipment, the new X90 will be equipped with a complete second-level semi-automatic driving assistance system. Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Centering Assist (LCA), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA).

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