The daughter, 11, had her piggy bank stolen by the father. She takes 20 years to get a law license before suing her father.


The father of a girl in Taichung not only left his family and children because of loan sharks, but he also went through every item in the house, including his daughter’s 11-year-old piggy bank, before he left. When the woman was an adult, she put a lot of effort into being qualified as a lawyer and fiercely sued her irresponsible father.

The man surnamed Hong died of his wife early. Additionally, he routinely requests money from his 17-year-old oldest daughter, forcing her to earn money and attend school part-time. He also no longer had the duty to watch over his younger siblings at the same time. He left his three siblings and the rental house in 2000 due to his usury loan debt and inability to make payments. In the end, three of them continue to live with their aunt, who also supported the family by working as a paid domestic worker.

The youngest daughter finally succeeded in getting a law license after 20 years of arduous study. She consistently sued her irresponsible father after learning from the social bureau in 2017 that he had been admitted to a nursing facility for the elderly and that the monthly care cost was 18,000 rmb (about RM2609). The government then charged children and teenagers with adult intentional abandonment in breaking rules and regulations after concluding that the father failed to provide for his young children and abandoned them. 

However, it was discovered during the trial at the New Taipei District Court that even though he had failed in his duty of care, he had continued to stay in touch with the aunt after he left the house, frequently giving them pocket money, and even helped his daughter in changing schools. He was confident that he hadn’t left his children behind on purpose. He had been cleared since the three siblings’ safety were not in danger because their grandmother and aunt took care of them. 


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