YouTube Premium price increase!


YouTube Premium has gone up!


YouTube has announced an increase in the cost of YouTube Premium to users in several countries and regions around the world, according to multiple media reports from home and abroad. The affected users are limited to the YouTube Premium Family plan, while the Personal plan is currently unaffected.


It is understood that the YouTube Premium Family Plan will be increased in the US, Canada, UK, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil, while Malaysia is not yet included.


YouTube Premium fees vary from country to country, with some countries being higher and others lower. The purpose of this increase in YouTube Premium is to prevent users from signing up for YouTube Premium in countries or regions that charge less.


Argentina’s YouTube Premium Family Plan will increase from 179ARS (about RM5.53) to 699ARS (about RM21.58), an increase of 290%. Turkey’s YouTube Premium family plan will also increase from 26TRY (approx. RM6.62) to 60TRY (approx. RM15.28), an increase of 130%.


The US YouTube Premium family plan also increased from 17.99USD (approx. RM85.28) to 22.99USD (approx. RM108.97) per month.

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