WhatsApp has another new feature! Typos can be edited directly [Edit content | The operation method is simple]. However, the official said: There will be some restrictions!


WhatsApp is currently the most used mobile phone messaging tool. Although fast and easy to use, it often makes different jokes due to frequent user input typos.

Although WhatsApp also launched the [Delete “Sent Message”] function later, many users still think that WhatsApp needs to add the “Edit Message” function to ease better the embarrassment of sending wrong messages. So now, everyone has finally waited for this feature to be launched~ According to the official WhatsApp recently, users of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS versions will enable this feature one after another in the next few weeks!

【WhatsApp sent messages can be edited, but there is a time limit】

WhatsApp users have strongly requested this “edit message” function for a while because it allows users to correct wrong messages directly, and users do not need to “delete for everyone” every time they write a typo and resend it.

However, the official also stated that there will still be some restrictions after the function is enabled, including that the edited message will be marked as “edited”, and it is reported that there will be a specific time limit. For example, according to the current setting, the message cannot be edited 15 minutes after it is sent.

As for the operation method, the user can long-press the sent message and then select “Edit” from the top menu to change the content of the message, and all recipients will also see the edited version. Next, everyone should pay more attention to see if this function is already available in your WhatsApp!

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