Disney Reportedly Initiates Third Round of Layoffs, Affecting Over 2,500 Employees


Insider sources claim that Disney, the American entertainment giant, has started its third round of layoffs, which will affect over 2,500 people and for whom notices will be sent this week.

CNN and other financial media agencies stated that Disney CEO Bob Chapek made the announcement of a significant reorganisation plan in February of this year, not long after assuming his position. The strategy, which involves implementing layoffs in three stages with the goal of cutting expenses by up to $5.5 billion, was initially anticipated to lead to the termination of 7,000 employees.

Insiders claim that Disney will start its third wave of layoffs this week, with notices being delivered to affected workers, following two months of severe job cutbacks. This round of layoffs is anticipated to affect more than 2,500 people.

The departments that will be affected by this round of layoffs are yet unknown, although sources indicate that the television division, which was severely impacted in the previous round, may be spared this time around with only a small number of people anticipated to be let go. Disney’s resorts and theme parks are also not anticipated to be adversely impacted.

With the upcoming round of layoffs, the total number of individuals laid off by Disney is projected to reach 6,500, nearing the previously estimated figure of 7,000 by CEO Bob Chapek. A Disney spokesperson has declined to comment on the matter.

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