U Mobile launched new iPhone package offer!


U Mobile is offering two models, U SaveMore and U PayLater, where you can buy a new iPhone at a lower price when you sign up for an Internet package, and U PayLater, where you can pay for a new iPhone in instalments.

Users must sign up for the U Postpaid 98 package to purchase the new iPhone 14, which offers 1,000GB of internet data and unlimited dial-up to all networks, as well as 15GB of global roaming for RM98 per month.

Here’s how much it costs to buy an iPhone 14 series phone under the U SaveMore model.

After signing up for the U Postpaid 98 package, users can purchase the new iPhone 14 128GB version at a discounted price of RM3109. The original price of the phone is RM4199, which means you can save approximately RM1090. For details of other models, please refer to the list below.


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