Maybank is advising users to enable Secure2u in MAE APP!


According to a message from Maybank, users can enable Secure2u to authenticate transactions in MAE APP, which will avoid frequent switching between M2U and MAE APP.

Previously Maybank gave users the option to enable Secure2u in either M2U APP or MAE APP. When users enabled Secure2u in the M2U APP, all authentication transactions would need to be completed through M2U APP. Conversely, when Secure2u is enabled in MAE APP, all authentication transactions will need to be completed in MAE APP.

This will cause users to frequently switch between M2U and MAE APP, which is very cumbersome and tedious, and will also cause users to have problems finding the Secure2u pop-up window.

In order to enhance the security of the bank and to allow for an improved user experience, Maybank will move the activation of Secure2u from M2U APP to MAE APP from 1 October 2022, meaning that users can only activate Secure2u through MAE APP.

Users who have previously activated Secure2u in M2U APP will continue to be able to use Secure2u in M2U APP. However, Maybank still strongly recommends users to activate Secure2u in MAE APP.

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