Total worldwide sales of the Switch have reached 110 million!


According to VGChartz statistics, Nintendo console Switch’s total global sales reached 110 million, about to break Sony PS4’s record.


From the statistics, as of June 2022, the total global sales of PS4 released in 2013 is 116.96 million units, while the total global sales of Switch released in 2017 has reached 109.8 million units, only 7.14 million units short of the current sales of PS4. And according to the current trend, Nintendo console Switch sales may even exceed the highest sales ever created by Sony PS2.


Nintendo’s revenue nearly 5 years after the release of the Switch is close to $60 billion, June 2022 is the 64th month of the Switch launch, while the 64th month of the PS4 launch is February 2019, when the total global sales of the PS4 was 93.75 million units, until the 79th month of the sale of Sony PS4 to reach 110.2 million units sold, that is, the Switch The current sales of the Switch. Although the Switch is now in its sixth year on the market, the Switch line of devices shows no signs of slowing down in terms of both hardware and software sales.


According to sources, a new Switch Pro model could be released before the end of this year. The tipster believes that the new model will keep the same form factor and support the current dock. And the new Switch will also provide better performance, but how much of a boost is not known at this time.

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