The public is prompted to pay the toll in the correct lane! RFID to enter and RFID to leave!


Attention! If you use RFID lanes when entering North-South Boulevard, you should also use RFID lanes when leaving North-South Boulevard.


According to a message from North-South Boulevard, the public is encouraged to use the correct lanes to pay the toll. If you use an RFID lane to pay the toll when you enter North-South Boulevard, you should also use an RFID lane when you leave North-South Boulevard.


If you use a Touch ‘n Go Card or SmartTAG lane when you enter North-South Boulevard and use that lane when you leave, you cannot use the RFID lane to leave. This is a mistake that many road users make.


Road users are also urged to put away their SmartTAGs when using RFID to pay tolls to avoid being double-taxed and causing errors in the system.


North and South Avenue toll booths from January 15 to support the payment of tolls by RFID, but the system is unstable, some toll booths appear congestion, the public have blamed the North and South Avenue Company. North and South Avenue Company has also sent staff to help unblock and solve the problems faced by the public.

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