Checkout with ShopeePay in stores and get 3% Coins Cashback!


Remember to checkout with ShopeePay when you spend in stores and you will get 3% Shopee Coins Cashback!


ShopeePay is offering a special offer where you can get RM2.88 cashback when you spend RM5 or more in offline stores for the first time with ShopeePay. The next time you use ShopeePay to checkout at the store, you will get 3% Shopee Coins Cashback.


The minimum spend for the first purchase is RM5 and you will get RM2.88 cashback immediately. The first purchase must be made with DuitNow QR, which means you pay with ShopeePay by scanning the merchant’s DuitNow QR QR QR code. The offer is available from January 18 to February 22, 2022.


There is no minimum limit for the second or next purchase, and you can earn 3% Shopee Coins Cashback per purchase up to 300 Coins or equivalent to RM3.


You may think that 3% Shopee Coins Cashback is very little, but if you pay with cash, you will not get any rebate at all. Here’s an example of spending RM10. When you spend RM10 in the store and use ShopeePay to checkout, you will get 30 Shopee Coins Cashback, which is equivalent to 30 sen discount.


The Shopee Coins earned can be used in Shopee online purchases.


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