The monsoon period starts from October 3, let’s see what to pay attention to during the monsoon period!


From October 3, Malaysia enters the monsoon season, which can be very stormy in the afternoon and evening, and even cause lightning and flooding.


The monsoon period is from March to May and from September to October every year. During the monsoon period, violent storms and thunderstorms can occur along the west coast and inland areas of West Malaysia, the west coast of Sabah and west and central Sarawak.


The weather is usually good in the morning, but heavy rain and strong winds can occur in the afternoon and evening for a short period of time. People are urged to prepare rain gear to avoid bad weather conditions affecting their travel schedule.


Pouring rain, gusty winds, lightning, hail and waterspouts can also occur during the monsoon changeover. Heavy storms and thunderstorms will also cause lightning and flooding, house damage, tree collapse, and landslides.


The Bureau of Meteorology urges people to avoid open areas during thunderstorms, not to take shelter under trees or park their cars under trees, stay away from unstable buildings or objects, stay away from areas prone to flooding, and avoid touching conductive objects.

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