Don’t use the same login and password for different banks!


If you have two or more bank accounts, don’t use the same login password for both online banks!


Many people use the same username and password for two different bank accounts for convenience or because they are afraid they will forget their passwords. This is actually very dangerous because if the username and password of one bank account is compromised, your second bank account will also be at risk.


In a previous report, a man downloaded a live streaming software from an unknown source and logged into one of his bank accounts to top up his live streaming account, but the victim’s other bank account was withdrawn.


The victim himself admitted that he used the same user name and password for both bank accounts, so the fraudsters may have used the same password to log into the victim’s second bank account and steal the funds in the account. The victim may have allowed access to read the SMS when installing live software of unknown origin, so access to the TAC or OTP for the transfer is no longer an issue.


In addition to online banking (Online Banking), do not use the same login password for both bank cards. This will prevent theft of both cards.


People are also urged not to use basic information such as their ID number, date of birth, or license plate number as the password for their bank cards.

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