The dog went crazy and smell passers by doing kidney dialysis for the owner to the perfect donor.


Since the chance of finding a match is only 1 in 22 million, a woman in the UK has been waiting for an organ transplant for years, but her dog isn’t giving up!

Lucy Humphrey, 44, was suffering from lupus for 15 years. As her illness worsened, she developed lupus nephritis and needed kidney dialysis. A few years ago, a specialist warned her that, if a kidney transplant is not possible, she could only have five years to live.

On this day, Lucy and her boyfriend brought two Doberman pinschers—one of them was named “Indy”—on a holiday to Barry Island, a beach in the south of Wales. In an interview, Lucy said “Indy kept moving towards this woman who was around 91 metres (or 100 yards) away. She simply wouldn’t let her leave, even our requests for her to return.

Unexpectedly, the other side also loves dogs, so they were overjoyed and even shared a meal together. When Lucy informed Katie that she was waiting and couldn’t drink due to an illness. Katie quickly exclaimed in disbelief after knowing about the kidney donation, “It’s crazy, I just got on the list of kidney donors.”
After exchanging phone numbers, Lucy and Katie proceeded to a hospital for testing. It ended up being a “perfect match” between the two. On October 3, 2022, they had surgery at the University of Wales Hospital, and it went quite well.



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