See the price once! Thailand’s “Tourist SIM Cards of the Three Major Telecom Companies” Comparison! A must for independent travellers!


If many Malaysians want to travel abroad without flying too far, Thailand is undoubtedly an excellent choice! However, you must also keep your communication and network smooth when you are abroad!

There are no more than 3 ways of outbound communication now, open international roaming service, rent portable WI-FI and buy tourist SIM cards. So tourist SIM card with high-cost performance has become the choice of many Malaysians!

Telecom operators in Thailand

Three significant telecommunications operators in Thailand, namely AIS, truemove and dtac, have also launched their tourist cards (Traveler SIM). The prices of the SIM cards of these three telecom operators are similar. For example, the cost of the 8-day plan is 299 baht, but the details in the package will be slightly different. If you are too lazy to choose, you can’t go wrong if you buy anyone!


The largest telecommunications operator in Thailand, the price is low, the network stability is high, and there are signals in remote places. So if you are going to an island or a mountain, AIS will be an excellent choice.

TrueMove H

TrueMove H, Thailand’s second-largest telecommunications provider, has good coverage and guaranteed network stability. Because there is an elephant on the package, it is also called an elephant card.


dtac is committed to launching various solutions suitable for passengers and even found a “virtual SIM card”, also known as “eSIM”. Unlike ordinary SIM cards, you only need to scan the QR code to use the SIM card information on the mobile phone, and there is no need to put the physical card into the mobile phone. Therefore, it is very friendly to users whose mobile phone card slot is full!

Where to buy a SIM card for tourists in Thailand?

Purchase before going abroad:

You can buy it through Shopee, Lazada, Klook, KKday and other platforms. Get a SIM card before going abroad, and then install it on your phone to ensure nothing goes wrong.

To buy in Thailand:

You can buy it at the airport in Thailand, any 7-Eleven, Lotus, BigC or telecommunication company outlets.

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