Take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of 8 “auto driving”! Is Autopilot a boon for people who don’t like driving?!


A self-driving car (Auto Pilot), also known as a driverless, unmanned, robot, or self-driving car, is a vehicle that does not require assistance or manipulation.

In fact, Auto Pilot also has different advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a look together!

Pros 1: Saving Lives

90% of road traffic accidents are caused by thinking they made mistakes, among which distraction, fatigue, drunk driving, speeding, etc., account for a considerable proportion. Self-driving cars can eliminate all accidents caused by human error factors and will also significantly reduce the incidence of accidents.

Pros 2: People who cannot drive can also go out

Colourblind, elderly and disabled people often do not have the ability or authority to drive. But self-driving cars can allow them to enjoy driving or travel conveniently without causing danger to themselves or others.

Pros 3: Save time

Self-driving cars can perceive other vehicles around and communicate with them so that traffic order can be improved, traffic jams can be reduced, minor scratches and collisions at low speeds can be avoided, and travel efficiency is higher. Save time.

Pros 4: It is more friendly to people who do not like to drive

Not everyone enjoys driving, especially long distances and rush hour driving. However, with automatic driving, you no longer need to concentrate on driving, turning driving into a pleasant thing, and allowing you to have more disposable time in a day.

Cons 1: Unemployment

Once self-driving cars become widespread, those who drive commercial vehicles for a living will lose their jobs.

Cons 2: Higher cost

New technologies require higher costs for research and development, and there are more troubles in the maintenance of self-driving cars. A minor fault may cause serious problems, making repairs time-consuming and costly.

Cons 3: Cybercriminals commit crimes

Hacking a self-driving car is relatively easy for hardware- and software-savvy hackers. These criminals can hack into a self-driving vehicle to learn the location of the owner’s home and even take control of the car. In addition, with the presence of artificial intelligence, it is possible to video and record the vehicle’s owner or passengers, and you often need to worry about whether someone is watching you.

Cons 4: Loss of driving pleasure

Many people enjoy driving, especially the thrill of speed and total control, so they don’t want to lose it. However, after the popularization of Auto Pilot, people are believed to be deprived of the joy of driving.

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