Successfully apply for RHB Shell Credit Card at RinggitPlus and get up to RM525 cash rebate.


If you successfully apply for the RHB Shell Credit Card and spend RM500 or more with the card within 60 days, you will receive a cash rebate of RM25 + RM200 provided by RHB. Not only that, cardholders can also get RM300 Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credit provided by RinggitPlus.

RHB Shell Credit Card is the most attractive credit card launched by RHB Bank. You can enjoy up to 12% cash rebate when using this credit card at Shell petrol stations. You can get up to RM50 cash rebate every month when filling petrol at Shell petrol stations.

In addition, you can get up to 5% cash rebate when using RHB Shell credit card when purchasing daily necessities, online shopping, e-wallet top-up and bill payment. You can also get up to RM50 cash rebate every month.

As soon as you activate the RHB Shell credit card, you can get RM25 cash rebate, and you can get RM200 cash rebate when you spend RM500 within 60 days. RM25 + RM200 cash rebate will be credited to the credit card account in the third month.

Now as long as you apply for the RHB Shell credit card through RinggitPlus and make any credit card swipe within 60 days, you can get the RM300 Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credit provided by RinggitPlus. RinggitPlus will notify the recipient via email in 2 months to claim the RM300 Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credit.

To put it simply, if you successfully apply for a credit card at RinggitPlus, you can get a total cash rebate of RM525.

Application conditions

Notice! This offer is only available to users who successfully apply for an RHB credit card for the first time. If you already hold an RHB credit card, you are not eligible for this offer.

When submitting a credit card application at RinggitPlus, you will be redirected to RinggitPlus’s WhatsApp. After answering a few questions, RinggitPlus will hand over your application to RHB. RHB will contact you via email within a few working days, so remember to check your email.

Apply for a credit card at RinggitPlus: RinggitPlus

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