Since there are too many BKM recipients, distribution will continue until September 27.


The number of BKM aid beneficiaries is far too great, and distribution will continue until September 27.

Have you yet to receive third stage BKM aid? Don’t worry, the BKM will be given out until September 27.

The third phase of the BKM, announced by Malaysia’s Finance Minister Tunku Zafrul, will be distributed from September 20 to 27. The BKM will be distributed in stages since the number of beneficiaries is too large.

The recipients of the single group will receive aid after the recipients of the general family group. Users of the National Savings Bank (BSN) can receive the aid as soon as possible. The date of the BKM disbursement will also vary depending on the beneficiary’s provided bank account.

The BKM is given to 8.7 million people, 80,000 of whom had successful appeals. The highest payout for those who previously applied successfully is RM900, while the maximum payout for those who previously appealed successfully is RM2,350. To discover out how much assistance is available to you, go to the BKM website.

You can check with the LHDN if you did not got the BKM after September 27.

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