From October, Hong Leong Bank will change the junior savings account policies.


From October, Hong Leong Bank will change the junior savings account policies.

Users of the 3-in-1 Junior Account, take note! Beginning in October, Hong Leong Bank will make adjustments to its junior savings account policies.

The HLB Pocket Connect APP will be able to use the QR Pay function to receive or pay with QR codes, according to information on the Hong Leong Bank’s official website; however, parents or primary account holders can monitor these transactions. The implementation of this measure began on August 20, 2022.

Additionally, starting on October 1, 2022, owners of Junior Debit Cards will be able to top up their phones with prepaid credit using the HLB Pocket Connect APP.

Through HLB Connect, master account holders can manage 3-in-1 Junior accounts by making withdrawals or transfers (DuitNow, 3rd Party Transfer, and JomPay). The implementation of this measure is set for October 11, 2022.

3-in-1 Hong Leong Bank introduced Junior Account, a savings account for juniors. Through their main account, parents can monitor this child’s savings account. Children will obtain a Debit Card and the HLB Pocket Connect APP through the Children’s Savings Account. The owner of the master account has access to manage the Debit Card and keep track of HLB Pocket Connect APP transactions.

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