Shell started to provide electric car charging service in Malaysia, charging RM20 per 5 minutes!


Electric vehicles are already a trend, and several foreign car manufacturers have started to actively promote them. The Malaysian government has also introduced a series of EV tax exemptions and incentives from 2022 onwards.

Various companies in the country have also started to promote facilities related to electric vehicles, including Shell Oil, which has announced that it will set up a charging station at the Shell Petrol Station in Tangkak Layby to provide convenience for electric vehicle users.

Shell and Porsche Asia Pacific have announced a joint High Performance Charging (HPC) network of 12 charging points at six Shell stations along the North-South Highway. These charging points will be equipped with 180kW DC fast chargers.

Each charging point will provide two charging plugs, which will allow one EV to be charged at 180kW and two EVs to be charged at the same time at 90kW. Each vehicle has a different battery capacity, and it is expected that the EV can be charged from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes.

It is understood that Shell EV charging will offer three types of payment packages, namely Standard, Gold and Platinum, and the Standard package will be open to all EVs, i.e. Pay per use. A confirmation fee of RM4 will be charged at the start of each charge, and then RM20 for every 5 minutes.

The Gold package is available at a much lower cost.

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