Pay tolls with RFID: you can still pass through the toll stations if the balance is insufficient, and you only can get one-time accommodation


With the insufficient balance on the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, you can still pass through the toll stations, and you can only get one facilitation per user.

The North-South Expressway will enable RFID to pay tolls from January 15. If you face the problem of insufficient Touch ‘n Go eWallet balance, you will get one-time accommodation, which means you can still pass the toll. This measure is to avoid long queues at toll stations.

However, it should be noted that the car owner must recharge the Touch ‘n Go eWallet after obtaining the accommodation, and the related toll fees will be deducted directly after the recharge. If the owner does not top up the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, the eWallet will be frozen, terminated, and blacklisted.

Car owners are urged to keep the RFID tag at least 5cm away from the metal when installing it by themselves. It is recommended to install it on the upper left of the windshield or at the headlight position. If the RFID Tag is installed too close to the metal, this may affect the effect of reading the RFID Tag. You may face the problem of being unable to pass the toll station.

RFID Tag has a service life of about 5 years and can withstand climatic conditions such as high temperature and rain. If your RFID Tag is damaged, you will get a free update, but only for one time.

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