Savor beef tripe noodles or creamy curry mee roadside delight


You would probably write this roadside stall off as being typical at first glance. Since there isn’t a sign outside, it’s likely selling food to sustain the employees of the surrounding factories on Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

This stall has actually been there for about sixty years. The third generation is currently in charge of it. The family’s beef tripe noodles are something they’ve mastered. They provide curry mee as well.

You realize it serves a variety of palates once you taste the variations. They serve their beef tripe noodles either soup-based or dry. Their noodles are all covered in minced meat. Should diners not be fond of tripe, it is an optional dish.

Dark soy sauce isn’t added to the minced meat until it starts to taste sweet. Furthermore, the meat is only cooked through, leaving it with some texture.

The tripe is flavorfully enhanced by simmering it in a broth made with herbs and spices. Each tender slice is sliced into large chunks.

Choose the dry noodles if you enjoy a highly flavorful meal. Although there are many different kinds of noodles, I like the wantan mee best because of its crisp bite.

On top, there’s minced meat and tripe. Toss the noodles in the dark sauce. Each strand of the egg noodles will be coated with that sauce with sweet tones and hints of the herbs and spices, thanks to the braising liquid from the tripe.

Here, you don’t get a beef broth served on the side. Instead it’s just a clear broth. I expected the soup version to be similar to the dry version. Well, I got that wrong. The broth with the noodles had a light bovine taste, without any of those punchy flavours from the dry version.

Then there is the curry noodles. This one is creamy decadence, rather than a heat busting version, which is a good thing since the place is open air.

Each spoonful of that rich orange broth had a distinct curry powder smell. In terms of spiciness, it’s more mild, since you get a creamier taste with each spoonful. Even the sambal on the side doesn’t have much kick to it.

Enjoy it with the cockles, beancurd puff and beancurd slices. I had severe envy for the bowl of curry mee, ordered by the person who shared my table. He had added on more plump cockles, making it a decadent bowl with pig’s skin.

I spied fried wantans too at the counter so add it to get a contrast of textures, where crunch meets creamy in a face-off.

For the beef noodle, it’s RM8.50 for a small portion, while a large portion is RM10.50. The curry noodles range from RM7.50 to RM9.50.

Even though the space is quite large, tables are placed far apart as though social distancing is back. Try to grab a table under the canopy as it can get hot.

This is a place where you eat and go, which isn’t a bad thing since the turnover for tables is fast, allowing them to cater to the breakfast and lunch crowd.

The stall will be taking a break from December 29 to January 7, 2024. Business resumes back on January 8 next year.

牛肚面&春姐茶档, Roadside stall at Jalan Empat, Chan Sow Lin, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. Open: 6am to 1.30pm. Closed on Sunday. Tel:019-6557137. Facebook @beefnoodle

* This is an independent review where the writer paid for the meal.

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