RFID lanes will be added to 12 avenue toll booths by April, with a list of 12 toll booths attached.


Attention! RFID lanes will be added to 12 toll plazas by April 2023!

According to the information released by the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), RFID lanes will be added to 12 toll booths by April 2023. Road users who like to use RFID to pay tolls will have more RFID lanes to choose from when passing through these toll booths.

People are also urged to make sure they have enough balance in their e-wallets before entering the toll booths to avoid getting stuck at the booths and not being able to clear them. People are also urged to use the correct lanes to travel together, such as using RFID lanes when entering the thoroughfare and RFID lanes when leaving.

It is important to note that the North-South Expressway (NSE) uses a Closed Toll System, which is calculated by the distance a vehicle enters and leaves the expressway. If the system does not detect at which toll booth you enter the avenue, the system will impose an additional charge on you.

There will be new RFID lanes at 12 toll booths
1. NSE – Sg Besi (Entry Toll Plaza)
2. NSE – Jalan Duta (Entry Toll Plaza)
3. NSE – Shah Alam (Enter Toll Plaza)
4. NSE – Sungai Buloh (Enter Toll Plaza)
5. NSE – Rawang Selatan (Enter Toll Plaza)
6. NSE – Setia Alam (Exit Toll Plaza)
7. NSE – Setia Alam (Enter Toll Plaza)
8. NSE – Subang (Enter Toll Plaza)
9. NSE – Putra Mahkota (Enter Toll Plaza)
10. NSE – Kajang (Enter Toll Plaza)
11. Penang Bridge
12. Butterworth-Kulim Highway (BKE) – Kubang Semang Toll Plaza

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