Rakuten Trade joins US stock trading service, the trading fee as low as RM7


Good news! Rakuten Trade launches US stock trading service with trading fees as low as RM7!

It is believed that many retail investors initially use the Rakuten Trade platform to invest in Bursa Malaysia because the Rakuten Trade platform is easy to open an account and has the lowest transaction fees. Now Rakuten Trade can trade not only Bursa Malaysia but also US stocks.

Rakuten Trade’s tradable stock exchanges include Bursa Malaysia, NYSE, Nasdaq Composite, and ETFs. Trading fees for stocks through Rakuten Trade are as low as RM7. Investors also can obtain research reports from 3 sources, namely the internal research team, Rakuten Securities, and the US financial media Motley Fool.

If you are already a Rakuten Trade user, you can directly log in to your account and apply for US stock trading services. After filling in the relevant information, you can start using the US stock trading service within 2 to 3 working days. Notice! Rakuten Trade’s US stock trading service will not be officially launched until January 27, 2022.

If you are not yet a user of Rakuten Trade, you can visit https://www.rakutentrade.my/register to register. Rakuten Trade’s Cash Upfront account can be activated within 2 hours of registration, and then you can start trading Bursa Malaysia. If you are interested in trading U.S. stocks, you need to apply for U.S. stock trading services after activating your Rakuten Trade Cash Upfront account.

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