Proton X50 and Proton X70 car loan installments!


Proton X50 and Proton X70 are the popular cars of Proton, are you planning to buy Proton X50 or Proton X70?

The Proton X50 is available in 4 trim levels, namely Standard, Executive, Premium and Flagship, priced from RM86,300 to RM113,300, before car insurance.

The Proton X70 is available in 5 trim levels, namely Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD, Executive AWD, 1.5TGDI Premium 2WD and 1.8TGDI Premium 2WD, priced from RM98,800 to RM128,800.

The information below is based on the selling price in West Malaysia with a car loan interest rate of 3.00%p.a. and a 90% loan. The information is for reference only and the actual car loan installment is based on the interest rate obtained by the borrower, the amount of car insurance and the initial period of the car purchase.

Proton X50

1.5T Standard
Loan for 7 years: RM1118
Loan for 9 years: RM913

1.5T Executive
Loan for 7 years: RM1209
Loan for 9 years: RM987

1.5T Premium
Loan 7 years:RM1319
Loan 9 years:RM1077

1.5TGDI Flagship
Loan 7 years:RM1468
Loan for 9 years: RM1199

Proton X70

1.5TGDI Standard 2WD
Loan 7 years: RM1280
Loan for 9 years:RM1045

1.5TGDI Executive 2WD
Loan for 7 years: RM1436
Loan for 9 years: RM1172

1.5TGDI Executive AWD
Loan 7 years:RM1514
Loan for 9 years: RM1236

1.5TGDI Premium 2WD
Loan 7 years:RM1604
Loan for 9 years: RM1310

1.8TGDI Premium 2WD
Loan 7 years:RM1669
Loan for 9 years: RM1363

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