BSN launches fixed deposit offer with up to 4.50% p.a. preferential interest rate!


BSN offers up to 4.50%p.a. on time deposits

Bank of National Savings (BSN) is offering a 4.50% p.a. time deposit offer, but users must split their funds into 2 parts, 70% in time deposit and 30% in BSN SSP SE.

BSN is offering a 6 months time deposit offer with a minimum deposit of RM5,000, however, the funds must be divided into 2 parts, 70% in time deposit which is entitled to 4.50% and 30% in BSN SSP SE which is entitled to 0.05%.

Since the funds need to be divided into 2 parts, the final Effective Rate will be 3.17%p.a. This offer will run from October 16 to December 31, 2022.

BSN Time Deposit Offer

Date: October 16 – December 31, 2022

Interest rate: Effective rate 3.17%p.a.

Deposit Period: 6 months

Minimum deposit amount: RM5,000


1. Need to divide the fund into 2 parts.

2. 70% of the funds should be deposited in Time Deposit and 30% in BSN SSP SE.

3. Need to deposit through bank counter.

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