Prepaid U40, a new Prepaid Plan from U Mobile.


A new Prepaid was introduced by U Mobile.

According to the official website of U Mobile, the Prepaid U40 offers unlimited Internet data, but the speed is limited to 6Mbps. Users can also make unlimited phone calls to any network and use unlimited mobile hotspots.

It is also worth noting that this package includes Unlimited 5G Weekends, which allow users to surf the Internet at full speed on the 5G network on Saturdays and Sundays. Users must claim and activate Unlimited 5G Weekends on their own.

The previously launched Prepaid U35 also offers Unlimited 5G Weekends service, which users can claim and activate themselves every week. The distinction between Prepaid U35 and U40 is that U35 only offers 3GB of Hotspot while U40 offers Unlimited Hotspot.

Prepaid U25 provides unlimited data but has a 3Mbps internet speed limit. You can make unlimited calls and have 1 hour of unlimited internet access per day.

Prepaid U25 has a monthly fee of RM25, Prepaid U35 has a monthly fee of RM35, and Prepaid U40 has a monthly fee of RM40. The Fair Use Policy (FUP) must be followed by all three packages. Prepaid U25 has a FUP of 30GB, Prepaid U35 has a FUP of 100GB, and Prepaid U40 also has a FUP of 100GB. When a user exceeds this limit within a month, his or her Internet speed is reduced.

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