In response to the current social instability, police have set up roadblocks throughout the country.


There will be roadblocks throughout the country due to the current social instability.

According to information released by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the police have set up roadblocks in various counties and cities across the country beginning November 22, 2022, and this operation will continue for an indefinite period of time.

The police will set up roadblocks to ensure the continued stability of society, according to the statement, and the public is urged to cooperate with the police. People should not be intimidated when passing through the barricades.

To avoid worsening traffic congestion, the police will not set up roadblocks during rush hour. The police stated that people can go about their daily lives as usual, and that the police will ensure the continued stability and tranquillity of society.

Four days have passed since the conclusion of the 15th National General Election, but no coalition has garnered the support of more than half of the parliamentarians, making the appointment of a new prime minister impossible.

Many videos on the Internet disrupt racial harmony and social peace. If you come across these videos, you can report them. Don’t let these people disrupt our society’s peace.

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