Perodua Receives 24,265 New Orders Last Month!


Perodua received 24,265 new orders last month, of which 9,000 were for Alza.


Perodua delivered 18,346 new vehicles to customers last month and received 24,265 new orders, according to the latest news from Perodua, Malaysia’s second domestic car company.


Perodua sold 145,689 units in the first seven months of the year, an increase of 48.7% compared to the 97,945 units sold in the same period last year.


Special mention should be made of the fact that the new Perodua Alza, which opened for pre-orders in the third week of June and was officially launched on July 20, has already received 39,000 orders for the new Perodua Alza, with 9,000 new orders in July alone.


Perodua also paid 4,000 new vehicles to customers in July and the current waiting time for the Perodua Alza is 8 to 10 months. If you are planning to place an order for the Perodua Alza only in the near future, you should be prepared.


In addition, Perodua says it has already acquired enough chips for the car, and that the problem Perodua is facing is not a shortage of chips, but a lack of labor.


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