U Mobile starts adjusting Postpaid 38 packages!


Attention all U Mobile Postpaid 38 customers! U Mobile will make a small change to the Postpaid 38 package starting August 17!


According to the U Mobile website, Postpaid 38 customers will receive 30GB of high speed internet and 5GB of Hotspot data per month. This will be effective from August 17, 2022.


This also means that users will only be able to share up to 5GB of data to other devices when using 30GB of high speed internet.


In addition, U Mobile has also started to increase the SMS charges that accompany Postpaid 38, which previously charged 3 cents per message sent to U Mobile users and 8 cents per message sent to users on other networks. However, as of August 17, 2022, there will be an across-the-board charge of 15 cents per SMS.


U Mobile has been sending out mobile newsletters to inform users of the minor changes to the package. If you are a Postpaid 38 subscriber, you should pay special attention.


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