Old i-Akaun APP icon turns gray, new KWSP i-Akaun APP to replace it.


Attention! Attention! KWSP is phasing out the old i-Akaun APP, members are urged to download the new KWSP i-Akaun APP.

If you have noticed, the icon of the old i-Akaun APP has also turned gray and white, which means that the APP will be officially retired in the near future.

The Employees Provident Fund Board (KWSP) launched the new KWSP i-Akaun APP at the beginning of July and the new APP supports more features and is also more secure.

The KWSP i-AKaun APP supports Android phones running Android 5.0 or above, and Apple phones with iOS 12.4 or above. Huawei phone users can also download KWSP i-Akaun APP through AppGallery.

To use the KWSP i-Akaun APP you need to set up a set of 6-digit PIN code, and you also need to go through the steps to bind your phone. After completing all procedures, you can start using KWSP i-Akaun APP.

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