More and more users are being Hacked | Malaysian netizens share a trick [to protect TNG eWallet’s deposit]: “Many people are Missing out on this information”


Recently, another TNG user shared his experience of having his money swept away online, and it’s heartbreaking! A warm-hearted Malaysian user shared on FB a trick to protect eWallet deposits, even if the money was swept away, there is still a chance to get it back.

The Malaysian netizen revealed that he has a habit of putting some money in TNG, but yesterday he found that his deposit amount became zero, which made him a bit overwhelmed. He decided to log in again to see if it was a problem with his internet connection or a bug in TNG, but when he logged in again, his password was wrong and he couldn’t get into his account despite resetting his password.

The Malaysian netizen first thought to call TNG’s customer service to inquire about the situation, and the other party explained that the money in the account had indeed been taken away by the hacker, and asked the Malaysian netizen if he had clicked on any strange links to cause this to happen. Since the user had previously bought RM1 insurance from TNG, the money was successfully recovered today. However, many people were unaware of this insurance, and it was only after the owner posted that people learned that TNG provided this type of coverage.

The owner also reassured other users who have bought insurance that they should not panic when they encounter this situation because some of them can successfully get back the money that was taken away from them. The Malaysian netizen said that last year he accidentally found out that TNG has this type of insurance, and RM 1 can last for half a year, so he planned to buy one as a protection, but he didn’t expect that it would really come in handy when he encountered something. To buy the insurance, you just need to click the “check mark” next to the amount, then click “Protect your balance” and upgrade to “WalletSafe “The checkmark will also be converted to cyan afterwards~

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