In the last 5 years, PRS has provided the highest investment yield of 4.24%. (as of the end of December 2022)


PRS has provided the highest investment yield.

PRS has yielded up to 27.81% in the last year and 4.24% in the last five years.

According to information published on the Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) official website, the investment performance of the PRS funds from January to December 2022 is not satisfactory, with only two funds having positive annual returns.

From January to December 2022, the RHB Retirement Series – Islamic Balance fund has an investment yield of up to 27.81%. The investment yield on Principal PRS Plus Conservative A is only 0.15%. Other funds’ investment yields are all negative.

From a five-year perspective, the PRS fund can provide a maximum investment return of 4.24%. Public Mutual PRS Equity earns 4.24% in investment income, Public Mutual PRS Conservative earns 4.04%, and Public Mutual PRS Islamic Conservative earns 3.40%.

PRS is a government-sponsored retirement plan designed primarily for those who want to make extra retirement preparations. The goal of PRS is to provide people with an alternative to EPF.

PRS is managed by individual trust fund units throughout the country, but it is overseen by the government-established PPA. As a result, the legitimacy of private pension fund plans is unquestionable.

PRS has numerous advantages. The first advantage is that investors have complete freedom of choice.

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