Man Flees After Being Charged RM890 At Pavilion Hair Salon


A young man allegedly fled after receiving hair cutting and styling services worth RM890 at a hair salon in Pavilion, Bukit Bintang.

According to a Facebook post by user Eddy Teller, the incident occurred on 13 November, and a police report is said to have been filed at the Dang Wangi Police Headquarters.

The post included a video recording from a closed-circuit television and screenshots of text messages between the man and the salon owner.

“This guy cheated my cousin, got his hair done at the salon for RM890, and then ran away without paying. A police report has been filed at the Dang Wangi police headquarters.

“To anyone who knows this guy, please ask him to return to the salon, pay the amount owed, and make a video apology. It’s unfair for others to bear the cost of your hairdo. If you’re short on money, go to a local barber. There’s no blessing in running away after getting your hair done,” wrote Eddy.

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Mistaken Motorcycle Plate, Unpaid Debts, and Social Media Reactions

Eddy added that the salon had obtained screenshots of text messages, CCTV footage, the man’s social media account details, workplace information, phone number, and residential address.

However, they mistakenly revealed a motorcycle plate belonging to someone else.

It has been clarified that the individual in question was not the motorcycle’s owner and has been associated with unpaid debts for nearly a year.

Other users have shared the viral story on social media platforms, including the X (Twitter) app.

Some users expressed disbelief at the high haircut and styling service price in the comments section.

“What kind of haircut costs RM800? My B40 soul is questioning this. Next time, ask for the price clearly before getting the service,” commented Faiz.

“Of course, he ran away; he must have been shocked to see such a high bill. He probably thought it would only be around RM200,” added another user, Healer

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