Malaysia’s stock exchange will close in 2022. Let’s take a look at the list of Malaysian stock market listed companies with tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization in 2022.


Top 10 listed firms with the highest market capitalization in 2022.

The year 2022 is coming to an end, as is the last trading day on the Malaysian stock exchange. In our country, there are currently 33 publicly traded companies with a market capitalization of more than $10 billion, down from 36 last year.

The Kuala Lumpur FTSE Composite Index (KLCI) rose 3.86 points to 1495.49 points as of 5:00 p.m. on December 30, 2022. 445 stocks increased, 442 fell, and 415 remained unchanged.

Global central banks will raise interest rates sharply in 2022 to combat the worst inflation in years, and bank stocks will be the big winners in the stock market that year. Six of the 33 listed companies in my country with a market capitalization of more than ten billion ringgit are banks, and MAYBANK has again surpassed the 100 billion ringgit threshold.

PBBANK’s market capitalization increased by RM3.2 billion, CIMB Bank’s increased by RM6.2 billion, and HLBANK, RHBBANK, and AMBANK increased too.

To put it another way, how will your investment perform in 2022? Whether you made or lost money in 2022, it is now history, and a brand new 2023 will be here in a few days. I hope that everyone can invest nicely in 2023.

List of listed companies with a market value of tens of billions in the Malaysian stock market in 2022
1. MAYBANK (RM104.9 billion)
2. PBBANK (RM83.9 billion)
3. PCHEM (RM68.8 billion)
4. CIMB (RM61.9 billion)
5. TENAGA (RM55.4 billion)
6. IHH (RM54.8 billion)
7. DIGI (RM47 billion)
8. HLBANK (RM44.6 billion)
9. PMETAL (RM40.2 billion)
10. PETGAS (RM33.9 billion)
11. MISC (RM33.5 billion)
12. NESTLE (RM32.8 billion)
13. SIMEPLT (RM32.2 billion)
14. MAXIS (RM30.1 billion)
15. AXIATA (RM28.4 billion)
16. IOICORP (RM25.5 billion)
17. PPB (RM24.8 billion)
18. RHBBANK (RM24.6 billion)
19. KLK (RM24.2 billion)
20. PETDAG (RM22.8 billion)
21. HLFG (RM21.3 billion)
22. TM (RM20.6 billion)
23. MRDIY (RM18.9 billion)
24. GENTING (RM17.4 billion)
25. GENM (RM16 billion)
26. HAPSENG (RM15.9 billion)
27. SIME (RM15.7 billion)
28. DIALOG (RM13.8 billion)
29. AMBANK (RM13.7 billion)
30. QL (RM13.4 billion)
31. WPRTS (RM13 billion)
32. KLCC (RM12.1 billion)
33. AIRPORT (RM10.9 billion)

(Data from Nanyang Siang Pau)

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