Malaysia’s 5G network is 172% faster than Thailand’s, though 14.3% slower than Singapore’s!


Malaysia’s 5G network is 172% faster than Thailand’s, but 14.3% slower than Singapore’s.

According to data released by OpenSignal, the country’s 5G network has an average download speed of 284.9Mbps, compared to 104.7Mbps in Thailand and 332.6Mbps in Singapore, which means that the country’s 5G network is faster than Thailand’s, but slower than Singapore’s.

However, this data was collected in the context of August 1 to October 29, 2022, when only Yes had a 5G network available in the country and other telecommunications companies had not yet officially launched their 5G networks. The number of 5G subscribers in the country is also small at that time.

It is worth noting in particular that 95% of Singapore’s 5G network is on standalone (SA), while our 5G network is an upgrade from the 4G network, which is on non-standalone (NSA). Independent networking is the real 5G, which can really bring out the effect of high network speed and low latency of 5G.

If we compare our 5G network with the 4G network, our 5G network is 16.8 times faster than the 4G network, which has an average network speed of 16.9Mbps.

At present, China’s 5G network only covers a few major cities, and the current 5G network speed is only for reference. I believe that the average download speed will also be reduced after the 5G coverage is further expanded.

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