Malaysian senior refuses to repay RM13 meal money, mocks colleagues.


Although shameless people are common, shameless people who are also extremely cheap are extremely uncommon.

A Facebook post on the “Ricebowl Iron Rice Network-Solving Your Job Search Problems” page by a Malaysian netizen expressed dissatisfaction regarding the company’s senior employee who owed the company money and would not return it despite four requests and three reminders. He even made fun of people who owed money, saying things like “how poor they are.” People sigh and shake their heads at the haughty attitude, saying things like, “The uncle is the one who owes the money!”

The Senior asked Yuan Po to assist with packing lunch because he was too busy to eat with the team, Yuan Po disclosed.

He was given assistance by the generous Yuan Po in packing a lunch box at the restaurant; the total cost came to roughly RM13. Yuan Po did not ask for the meal money right away because he saw Senior busy and chose not to bother him after purchasing the meal and going back to the company.



Yuan Po anticipated that Senior would remind him to repay the money in addition to being considerate and unobtrusive, but he had no idea that the debt would persist for two days.

Yuan Po thought that Senior might have forgotten to return the money after two days, so he said, “You haven’t paid me back the money for the meal the day before yesterday, have you? I reminded you because I thought you might forget.”


Senior answered with a very smug demeanor, saying, “Huh? Why can’t you buy me dinner with the twelve yuan? Are you too low-income?




Really, really, these words infuriated Yuan Po to the point of being mute and on the verge of cursing. Thankfully, the ex-supervisor of Po answered helpfully: “Are you stupid? How come I should hire you even if you have money? Are you really impoverished? Put an end to your games and give them back!”

Reluctantly, Senior eventually paid with electronic means to get the deposit back. Yuan Po finally realized how blatant Senior was after this incident, and he made the decision to fight back and be tough going forward.


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